laboratoire écologie et art pour une société en transition

Soft Borders with Rita Natálio

July 4th-8th 2023, Théâtre St-Gervais Genève

Soft Borders is an encounter dedicated to the exchange and transmission of knowledge on the topic of transition, both from an ecological perspective and in terms of identity and gender politics.

Soft Borders aims to cross the porous boundaries between people and things and question the relationship between human and more-than-human bodies with a queer ecologist approach, accounting desires and erotic energies, exploring how capitalistic extractivism affects ecosystems and communities while building divisions and hierarchies.

This encounter is conceived as a peer-to-peer exchange between individuals from different disciplinary backgrounds and at different stages of their research paths. Through the tools of theoretical reading, performance and writing, together we will explore the possibilities of an embodied knowledge model: how to transform theory into situated practice?

An open session will be held on July, 8th 2023.