laboratoire écologie et art pour une société en transition


least brings together scientists, artists, thinkers and local experts to share knowledge and know-how. Experimenting, learning and acting together by mobilising the resources of each individual is the starting point for a regeneration of society and its operation. By fostering alternative ways of perception, learning and exchanging knowledge, least promotes the creation of shared, decompartmentalised knowledge that goes against individual competition.

Convinced of the extraordinary capacity of artists to think beyond the framework and to invent, create and poetise reality, least sets up research-action mechanisms which are designed as a place for sharing experience, speaking out, reflecting and creating narratives. The infiltration of art into the various scientific and academic disciplines as well as in everyday life will give rise to new ideas and possibilities for the future.

Designed in dialogue with artists, universities, public authorities and civil society, these times and spaces for research take many forms, from lectures and debates to workshops, walks, meals and even a bivouac.

least thus fosters the creation and circulation of ideas related to the research fields emerging from the projects and people involved: biodiversity, ecological and social transitions, gender, eco-feminism, territorial resilience, participation, communal areas, urban transformation, etc.