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On Saturday, April 20, as part of the Geneva festival EXPLORE DEMAIN, least presented two artistic proposals linked to food and its preparation.

Firstly, Adrien Mesot guided us through la cueillette d'herbes sauvages comestibles an exercise in attention and awareness. Participants have been able to observe, smell, touch, and taste their immediate environment in an atmosphere of shared knowledge.

Laetitia Pascalin then invited us to gather around a long table and embroider a tablecloth collectively, creating a space to weave stories and community links while enjoying the harvest.

As part of Territoire en Recherche 2024-2026, least is a partner in the project ECSCO: une recherche CITÉ-HES-SO, in collaboration with HEPIA, HEAD - Geneva and the Office cantonal de l’agriculture et de la nature (OCAN). The aim of the research is to evaluate the Parc Rigot commons via actions already carried out in developing the long-term management of the site by the new user community (IHEID, Collège Sismondi, Centre d’hébergement collectif de Rigot - Hospice général, etc.). In addition, the project seeks to develop methodological approaches for spreading these experiments to other spaces and neighborhoods in the Greater Geneva area, with the aim of fostering the development of a living, viable city.

From the Palais de Tokyo in Paris to least in Geneva, cultural structures across Europe are taking inspiration from permaculture - an agricultural model that works with rather than against ecosystems - to renew themselves. An article published in L'hebdo, quotidien de l'art.

least is an association that supports artistic, scientific, ecological, social and participatory approaches to activate the collective consciousness and resilience of our “Earth system”: we believe that everything, starting with our practices, our jobs, our habits, and our entire daily life, needs to be reappraised and recreated.

least’s program accompanies this transition, offering tools for developing collective thought and action to change mindsets and the world. Rooted in Switzerland, but concerned with environmental interdependency with southern Europe, least activates partnerships to enable actual connections with territories, designing residencies and projects deeply entrenched in reality.


least brings together scientists, artists, thinkers, and civil society to share their knowledge and know-how. least pools ideas, knowledge, skills and tools to anchor new positive strategies in the long term.

long-term projects

least disseminates an ecology of production that redefines the artist’s research- and territory-based profession in order to foster participation, assimilation and identification with the projects: a process that requires time and fluidity, different from usual production models.


least encourages a form of art without an audience, preferring the notion of a “participating community.” Grassroots organisations, young people, local actors and citizens take part in creative processes that focus on environmental and social issues.


least enables the creation of a common and circular model of knowledge, stimulating peer-to-peer exchanges and transgenerational artistic mentoring through practice by offering residency grants to young local artists.



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